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welcome to the alternative market!, we are the latest addition to the trail of markets in Edinburgh. The alternative market is run by F.R.E.E (the foundation for the return of equitable economy), a not for profit voluntary organisation which aims to restore markets in cities and towns of the uk as a means of strengthening community, reducing overheads and maximising profit to traders. The model we are aspiring to in fact is not new, but centuries old from the days of medieval trade. The alternative market wishes to include entertainment as a permanent feature of its model and not something for one off festivals. Childrens attractions that are fun filled and healthy and at the same time affordable for todays society.

we realise that during the current economic crisis there will be a natural call for more and more models like ours of markets, we welcome them all and want our cities and towns to rejoice in trade one to one, producer to consumer, with a respect for one anothers hard efforts.

The model of the alternative market is to be replicated in several venues throughout the year until we find a home or several homes so that the city of edinburgh is thriving with FREE trade, allowing easy access, fair and free trade with little overheads in difficult times. This website will keep you updated in our activities, our campaign and a list of venues and dates of markets.

At the alternative market you will find items for sale tailored to the area of the venue. Therefore, there is little use selling high market expensive goods in a run down area in north edinburgh where the market is driven towards cheaper goods, and vice versa.
Nevertheless, at all our markets you will find good quality burgers, hot dogs, fresh food, local jams, chutneys, soap, oils, hand made jewellery, arts, crafts, gifts, hot drinks and cold drinks, fun for adults and children.
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